All tutors are acting and successful business people with proven hands-on experience on numerous business sectors. They are ready and willing to share their knowledge, skills, learnings from their practice.


Under the supervision of:


Dr. Othmar Hill

Dr. Othmar Hill is Founder and President of the human resources and management consulting company HILL International. His main focus is business psychology consulting, leadership development and career planning, management support, new work worlds and strategic planning. Dr. Hill advises the Austrian Chamber of Commerce on matters regarding international transfer of know-how. He is the inventor of the “humanistic management”, “Management on Tour” as well as “HILL Window” for corporate culture. Dr. Hill is the author of the books “The End of Mass Treatment: Humanistic Management in Accelerated Times” and “The Cartel of Mediocrity: the Conspiracy of the Narrow Minded”.






Kiro Kirov, LLM

Kiro Kirov is a lawyer with over 11 years experience in the field of Commercial Law; Securities; Banks and Bank Law; Mergers and Acquisitions; International Corporate and Commercial Law; Joint Ventures; Foreign Investments; Privatization. Being a certified lawyer, he was a partner in one of the biggest law firms in Bulgaria and a Managing partner in a leading Austrian law firm.





Kameliya Velichkova, M.A., PH.D.

Member of European Association of Communication Directors and of Bulgarian Association for Public Relations, Kameliya Velichkova, Ph.D in philosophy and Master in international business relations, has extensive experience in managing projects in the field of Intercultural and interreligious relations, marketing research in FMCG sector, strategic planning, marketing communications, brand building, marketing and public relations in the financial sector.





Goran Starcevic, DI,

Goran Starcevic is managing director of PALFINGER Produktionstechnik Bulgarien. He is graduated mechanical engineer and master of science in economy, with over than 20 years management experience in international corporations. Starcevic is certificated project and lean manager; in his professional and business practice the focus is on industry development and on continuously improvement of business processes by managing projects with international teams.





Cleofe Guardigli, M.A.

Certified in the body of official experts of the Italian Ministry of Industry as well as certified in the body of official experts of the Trainers of Civil Service – Presidency of Council of Ministries, Italy, Cleofe Guardigli is a Vice President of the Observatory on European Programs and Funds of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. More than 30 years professional expertise combining experience in the field of employment, entrepreneurship and regional development, she is versed in training and counselling, with solid knowledge in training needs analysis, elaboration and delivery of training in area of employment, entrepreneurship and talent development.




Webinar – Managing Underperformance

Radostina Dobreva, M.Sc.

More than 15 years professional background in Human Resources combining experience in the field of recruitment and development of people with a vast list of skills enriched and enlarged during training and every day work in a multinational environment. Based on her vast experience and excellent professional performance Radostina Dobreva is one of the successful Bulgarian professionals recently promoted as Human Resources Director in Australia and New Zealand.




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Nina Gartcheva, M.A.

Nina Gartcheva is Managing partner at HILL Management Bulgaria with main focus on personality potential analysis, assessment centre and management audits. She graduated Sofia University and studied Mediation and Intercultural Communication at Viadrina University Frankfurt/Oder. Over ten years of experience in executive couching, elaboration and on-going management support of the implementation of core competencies, consulting in intercultural communication and change management, elaboration and implementation of Re-Focus Human resources programs.



Certification Board Chairman


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vesselin Kantchev, M.A.

Dr. Vesselin Kantchev is Chairman of HuMan Institute for humanistic Management, Bulgaria, member of the German psychological society and of the Bulgarian psychological society. He obtained his doctorate in occupational psychology at the Technical University Dresden, Germany. Through more than 22 years of project experience with international clients, the Professor of Human resources management at the Faculty for German Engineering and Industrial Management, Technical University Sofia, possesses proven expertize, especially in areas of leadership development, search and selection, organizational diagnosis, assessment centre, facilitation, coaching and mentoring.