We, at HuMan, believe, we should act in all the levels of the contemporary management in order to have significant impact in the Bulgarian business environment. Furthermore we find working, not only with managers, to be the key for humanistic management, but rather the young talents inside and outside the organisations. Namely, both bottom-up and top-down activities are necessary to reach our goal – harmony and success in management for sustainable business, through honoring the human factor in life.

HuMan Activities In Bulgaria – An Overview

  • HuMan Management Forum:
    Interesting, provocative and even revolutionary issues addressed in valuable open discussion forums through sharing ideas and opinions of experts and individuals with proven record in the world of business. You can read more about the HuMan Management Forum 2011 here.
  • TÜV Management Program:
    The TÜV Management Program, forged in close partnership between TÜV Austria Academy and HuMan Bulgaria Institute for Humanistic Management, incorporates the TÜV Austria Academy’s know-how and is adapted to the needs of the Bulgarian market. The main goal of the Program is to provide management training, enlarging and developing the leadership and the management expertise of the participants. You can find more information about the Program on this page.
  • Outsourcing:
    Implementation of HR Systems and Tools; Strategic and Annual Planning and Budgeting, Development and Management of the HR activities in the areas of: Payroll, Selection, Training and Development; Reward and Recognition; Social Programs, Organizational Design and Development, Employee Relations, HR Policies and Procedures.
  • HuMan Award:
    Award for the employer with the most comprehensive focus on humanistic management as an inseparable part of world’s, society’s and company’s development as well as of corporate social responsibility.
  • Tailored Management Team Excellence Programmes:
    One or one and a half year module-based program with a specific task during the program which results are special products useful for daily management agenda.
  • Tailored Workshops:
    We will try to fill the gap between the hard- and the soft-skills needed in order to fit in your organizational context. Teamwork and leadership skills come together with project, financial and marketing management know-how to deliver ultimate results to the bottom-line.
  • Seminars on the contemporary problems of the Bulgarian management:
    Supporting individual and corporate learning with seminars. Different issues addressed through sharing of opinions and ideas in discussions and real cases in different sectors of social life. Especially during phases of change and reorganization, future development is identified and optimal strategies developed in workgroups with the necessary knowledge.
  • Young Talent Development Laboratory:
    Modul-based organization of integral approach, based on selected companies’ requirements with universal values character, for young individuals, starting with identification of strength and areas for development, through elaboration and realization of individual development program. Further possibility to realize new developed skills in the selected companies.
  • Applicant Database for the Handicapped:
    It is a recruitment tool offered in co-operation with proper institutions. The special website allows companies to recruit job-seekers with chronic diseases or disabilities.
  • Corporate Social Counseling:
    Advice on social interaction of people with their environment, helps to solve social conflicts by addressing psychological implications. Offered as an internal service to employees, it contributes to socially acceptable growth.
  • Membership HuMan:
    The HuMan as interdisciplinary association of experts from different areas develops a membership for individuals and companies who work to meet the challenges of globalisation with ethical principles setting priorities for both – profit and human needs. For HuMan Members there is a special package including Work & Life in Balance tool as well as special conditions for other HuMan services.
  • Entrepreneur Councelling:
    Skilled consultations and a form of support by addressing psychological, humanistic and financial aspects of being entrepreneur. Personal knowledge of business should be recognized and preserved as an important factor in competition while complementing it with the synergy of networking and partnerships.
  • Pre-merger & Post-merger Consulting:
    Systematic guidance and skilled consultations in the process of development and transformation accompanied by local external experts in  the pre-merger & post-merger situations where external Expert’s input is crucial for decisions and action plans elaborations.
  • Surveys and Researches:
    Different factors of success, environment, corporate reputation and other issues are surveyed using scientific and psychological methods. Researches in different areas with experts with scientific, psychological and specific background.

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