The Principle of Humanistic Management . . .

The humanistic management recognizes the human factor in business as the actual potential for creation of added value. Each Person is an integral part of the organization, and without them quality standards, innovation, ability to compete, etc. cannot be achieved.

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Our Mission . . .

We are here to inspire, vitalize and prove in practice that harmony and success in management for sustainable business are possible only through honoring the human factor in life.

Our Vision . . .

HuMan is an unique and most prestigious platform and a place for managers to find inspirational and continuous exchange of knowledge, new and audacious ideas, tools and methods for establishing successful management in harmony with the humanity.

Our Values . . .

Ethical and Honest

We believe that harmonious and successful management are possible only through ethical business management and honest relations between the humans within the organisations. Our task is to firmly defend those humanistic values in the contemporary business environment.


Throughout self-consciousness, the human achieves harmony, and therefore being in harmony with the others. In business this results achieves humanistic, productive and effective relationships.

Innovative and curious

HuMan is a wide platform for knowledge, ideas and experience exchange. We believe, the world economy could be driven ahead only through knowledge and the innovations. Our experience proves that the new ideas are hard to reach the people fast, and therefore we challenge ourselves for being curious and provocative, in order to promote them.

Committed and Persistent

To be successful, the human must be committed and persistent. Only in this way, we from HuMan, will achieve our goals, because we believe this is the route to humanistic management for successful business.

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