The Institute for Humanistic Management is an interdisciplinary network and practice oriented Think-Tank that takes current challenges from the business world and develops solutions.

We are a non-profit organization, which is working and committed to promote the importance of the human factor in the workplace. We see HuMan to be a platform for continuous exchange of knowledge, new ideas, methods and tools, with the ultimate goal for successful management in harmony. Therefore, we perceive the quality of knowledge to be the most important factor in our portfolio. To achieve our goal we will work on all levels of management within an organisation.

With a close connection to science and research, HuMan develops models for humanistic management, which highlight the uses of multi-profit systems and take into consideration both – the economic advantage and the human needs.

Humanistic management recognizes the human factor in business, notonly as a factor of cost, but rather as the actual potential of added value. Each employee is an integral part of the organization, withoutwhich the quality standards, innovation, ability to compete, etc. cannotbe achieved.

Your Advantages

  • Improvement of overall corporate identity
  • Higher financial performance through stakeholder orientation
  • Improved motivation and internal communication
  • Increased employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation
  • Reduced sick leave and employee turnover
  • Continuity within the company and optimized product development

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